Amersham Church Recorders in 2018

This year has seen the presentation of Church Records to two very contrasting churches.  In January we gave a power-point presentation at the hand-over of the Record to St Lawrence Jewry in the City of London.  This was part of the church’s diamond celebration of its post-war restoration and, as it is the Lord Mayor’s church, there were representatives of the Livery companies as well as members of the church and of the Friends of the City Churches some of whom are church recorders in our group.

And then in November we presented the Church Record to Little Hampden Church, the smallest church in the Chiltern but still full of history from its 800-years.  The tiny church had every seat taken with members of the congregation, of the Arts Society Committee and of the church recording group some of whom talked about what they had found out when making the Record.

Church Recording is a really sociable activity.  We go to each church once a month when we make notes and measure and take working photos.  Then we type into our template back at home and do our research, mainly on-line these days.  Our findings often give us a fascinating insight into life in the past - Church Recording is never boring!

For more information, give me, Liz Chalmers, a ring on 01494 726928