The Arts Society nationally provides children and young people with exciting opportunities to get involved in creative arts activities. The Society’s work with young people aims to build a lasting enthusiasm for the arts and an awareness of arts heritage and its conservation. Young Arts opportunities are organised by individual Societies; some have on-going Young Arts Groups while others fund one-off Young Arts Projects.

Grants can be used to cover a wide range of activities. They include:

  • Artists in residence
  • Art lectures for students
  • Funding visits to art galleries and museums
  • Art exhibitions for young artists
  • Equipment purchases
  • Practical workshops
  • Local Arts Week events
  • Bursaries for individual students
  • Sponsorship for craft apprentices

The Arts Society Amersham focuses on funding arts projects and materials for local schools.  We offer grants to primary and secondary schools in Amersham, Chesham and their surrounding villages.

Projects we funded in 2017/2018 included visiting specialists to help pupils create a large outdoor willow sculpture at Coleshill Church of England Infant School and an outdoor wire sculpture at Elmtree Infant School, Chesham.

The picture here shows work funded by our Society at St Mary’s School Amersham. A visiting artist inspired the pupils on the theme of, “What makes our heart soar?”  Answers included their families, friends and being in nature.  Each child in the school took part in creating 200 feathers and they all had their photos taken standing in front of the giant completed wings.

In 2019 we have also funded a visiting potter who held two workshop days for GCSE art students at the Amersham School.  Our members have also donated a large number and variety of items to Amersham School for still life drawing on their topic of organic forms.